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If the idea to list all philanthropists of St. Annas parish occurred to anyone, such list could occupy dozens of volumes. Someone has helped with donations, other people offered their work, time, knowledge, or prayer In all corners of the world people know about our parish. Our parish has friends in Ukraine, Belarus, Poland and Germany, Austria and Italy, Canada and France, USA and Ireland, and in many other countries. Every Thursday we pray for them, as on that day the intention of the Holy Mass in our temple is devoted to all philanthropists, and they are united with us across thousands of kilometers.

We will never be able to pay the debt of our gratitude to all these people. God bless their deeds, and we shall try to tell about some of our philanthropists on our site.

For many years our parish has been supported by the German Charity Fund "Renovabis". Thanks to responsiveness, generosity and kindness of many people from Germany who contribute to this fund, we can pray in our own temple again, and we are able to continue construction of our parish center.

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