Work of Sunday School

Work with Young People

Work of Sunday school

There is a Sunday school in our parish. Here children and teen-agers are prepared for sacraments: baptizing, first confession, first communion, and anointing (teen-agers). At school children gain initial knowledge of the Catholic Catechism. Currently 40 children and teen-agers attend the Sunday school.

Children and teen-agers study in groups formed according to their age. Classes are taught by a religious sister (Congregation of the Sisters-Missionaries of the Catholic Apostolate). In the Sunday school there are various books for these classes, and as for the youngest children, their parents teach them in the families using these books.

Being future young people and then parents, teen-agers have special classes devoted to physical and moral ethics taught by a qualified specialist. Besides studying Catechism children have an opportunity to be involved in music and acting under supervision of teachers.

During vacations the Sunday school goes for the Vacations with God'.

Work with Young People

There are meetings of young people in our parish. Along with contemplations over the Bible there are discussions on various topics of special interest for youth nowadays. A priest the vicar of the parish and a religious sister from the Congregation of the Sisters-Missionaries of the Catholic Apostolate are always present at these meetings. Besides, holidays and birthdays are celebrated together.

Meetings are held on Tuesdays at 7 p.m. (after the Holy Mass) in a parish building. The young people participate in keeping the parish and in the parish construction works, helping a lot in these activities.

Saint Anna from Yekaterinburg

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