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At present the collection of books in the St. Anna Roman Catholic parish in Yekaterinburg there are about two thousand books and several dozens of magazines and newspapers titles. In the library there is a complete set of newspaper issues: ‘Svet Evangeliya' (‘The Light of Gospel') starting from 1995 and ‘Sibirskaya Katolitcheskaya Gazeta' (‘Siberian Catholic Newspaper'). The readers have access to literature in Russian, Polish, Ukrainian, German, English, and Lithuanian languages. Besides the collection of books and magazines there are a lot of video films in the library.

The library of Yekaterinburg Roman Catholic parish has rich traditions. It was founded in the beginning of XX century. At that time its collection of books numbered more than 1500 pieces. Some books survived the liquidation of Catholic community in 1930s and are now kept in Sverdlovsk regional Belinsky library. One of the books with the stamp “Biblioteka Koscielna w Jekaterinburgu” (the church library) is now in the parish archives.

For users' convenience the collection of books is subdivided into the following sections:

•  Religion. Christianity. Religious studies.
•  Lives of Saints
•  Papacy. Encyclicals. Activities of Popes. Activities of John Paul II
•  Law. Canon Law.
•  Philosophy
•  Holy Scripture (Bible and Gospel in different languages)
•  Prayer - books
•  a) History b) History of the Church
•  Art
•  Literature for Children
•  Fiction

In the library it is possible to purchase books on religious subjects. There are prayer books, New Testament, Catechism of the Catholic Church, lives of Saints: St. Teresa of Infant Jesus, St. Vincent de Pol etc.

The Address of the Library

620151 Russia , Yekaterinburg, Gogolya St. , 9.
Trolley bus and bus stops ‘ Gorky St. ', ‘Centralnaya Gostinitsa (Central Hotel)', ‘Belinski Library'.
Tram stop ‘ Lenin Street '.
Metro station ‘1905 Square'.

Saint Anna from Yekaterinburg

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